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Fresh Waxworms direct from the grower!

We are San Diego Waxworms, a premium source for waxworms in the Western U.S.! We are a family business,  we are NOT distributors and raise our waxworms right here in San Diego County! We offer fresh, excellent waxworms for your bird, lizard, fishing trip or whatever!

Located here in Southern California, we are able to dependably ship year round, no weather related interruptions in shipping! 

Our location also provides a more dependable source for individuals located here in the Western U.S.

We have a collection of softbill birds and we became disappointed with the availability and quality of waxworms, so we decided to raise our own! We raise our waxworms with red flake wheat bran and honey, that's it!

We provide quality waxworms at reasonable prices, on time and in quantity! We look forward to doing business and supplying you the BEST waxworms in the U.S.


Our Inspiration

 Our BulBul started it all! She was hand raised and is still kickin' at 13 years old!

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