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Doesn't get better than San Diego Waxworms!

Why go to a pet supply and pick through a cooler full of cups of dead worms? We raise and ship our waxworms so there is no inbetween! We send live, sturdy, quality waxworms directly to you in 2-3 days max!  As mentioned before, since we are in beautiful San Diego County we do not have to worry about harsh winters or extreme summers that some companies do. We can raise and ship our waxworms year round and have them arrive alive and healthy!

Waxworms are an excellent source of protein, a great addition to your bird or reptiles diet. They can last over a week when stored properly. They are also great fishing bait!  

Waxworms are a great addition during breeding season for birds and reptiles because of their high fat and protein content. We don't use any chemicals or additives when growing our waxworms, only red flake wheat bran and honey! 

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